About us

The company "PromCeramics" was established in 2014 and since then has gained the status of one of the leading manufacturers of crucibles, cupels, scorifying dishes. Our production has the ability to design the instruments for the manufacture of any products used in laboratory analysis on gold mining, refining and jewellery company. Our clients have the opportunity to use our high-quality products that are made on the basis of the technological instructions developed for the requirements of GOST (Government Standards of the Russian Federation).

  • Investments of 50 million rubles in the production
  • 34 highly qualified and many years experienced in the industry specialists
  • Manufacturing of the instruments for particular personal needs of the client
  • 6 types of products manufactured and 24 items of production

Welcome to the site "PromCeramics" LLC.

PromCeramics - one of the leaders in the production of glassware for the laboratory analysis of precious metals. Through all the years of the company performance we have developed the wide range of crucibles, cupels, scorifying dishes. We have gained these results by the long term technology development work which commenced in ceramics manufactory of JSC "KrasTsvetMet". Among our clients are such famous companies as CJSC "Polyus", JSC "Norilsk Nickel", JSC " Kommunarovskiy mine", JSC "Vasilevsky mine", jewellery factory "Remix ". Subsequently, the ceramic production of Krastsvetmet was separated as a non core asset and established as "PromCeramics".

The main objective of "PromCeramics" is manufacturing of the high-quality products in a strict compliance with GOST and TU (Technical Standards of the Russian Federation). The strategy of the company is constant increase in production volumes, expanding the range and improving the technology. The rigid control of the production processes is the fundamental principle of our company policy. "PromCeramics" uses only the best materials and meets all the required specifications. We are confident that our products hit the highest international standards and many years of experience is one of the competitive advantages.

Vladimir Sergeyevich Nesterov Technologist

Our Team

"PromCeramics" team - professionals with extensive technical background and years of experience in metallurgy. We preach honesty and responsibility in business. Due to our knowledge and creativity we can solve the highly complex problems. We are dedicated to our business, value each of our partners and we are always available.